Some other names to consider
by DBCooper (2022-11-27 22:15:06)
Edited on 2022-11-28 09:43:22

In reply to: Who are the top OC candidates to keep an eye on?  posted by BigEND

Andy Ludwig - very experienced OC with stops at Wisconsin and current Utah OC.

Garrett Riley - say what you want about his brother, but TCU has a great offense and if the name alone helps to bring in a top QB, he is worth it.

Chip Lindsey - (Edit)UCF had a great offense this year. Malzaln disciple, so consider the tree, but served as a HC before and UCF had a very strong well rounded offense this year. Obviously not the strongest schedule, but still, impressive numbers.

Alex Golesh - probably won’t leave Tenn for similar job, but was an SA at OSU when Freeman was a student. So, perhaps they know each other. Only guy here who is not a QB coach though. Also has connections to ND analyst Dre Brown and is from Dublin Ohio (ND does well in Dublin)