Weis left Kelly the bulk of the 2012 team
by irishrock (2022-11-28 16:46:46)

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QB's (Clausen left before Kelly could ruin him)...Weis recruited Rees first and Crist
RB's: both Wood and Riddick were Weis players
WR's: Floyd left after '11 (Tate left early like Clausen)
OLine...Weis left a lot of good players including Z Martin, Golic Jr, Watt, and Cave
TE...Rudolph (left after '11) and Eifert
Te'o...obviously, Motta, KLM...lots of good players and leaders

Weis played a full strength USC(and well coached no matter how much we can't stand Carroll)...Kelly played a very bad USC program and benefitted from it.