Caleb Williams was the difference in that game
by pmcdnd96 (2022-11-28 17:05:27)
Edited on 2022-11-28 17:46:11

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Every time they needed a play, he made it.

Play number 1: With 2:18 to go in the second quarter, USC faced a second and 8. Williams dropped back to pass, was flushed from the pocket, danced around, ran to his right, and threw the ball about 40 yards for a 23 yard completion to the 25. Had he not made that play, USC would have been facing 3rd and long around midfield, 3rd and REALLY long had he been sacked. Instead, they moved on to score a TD (after another scramble play that he kept alive long enough to get a holding call.)

Play number 2: With a 10 point lead and the ball on the ND 16, USC faces 4th and 2. One of Notre Dame's slow linebackers comes too far upfield (or too slowly upfield...either way, I doubt the plan was for him to jog himself out of position) and Williams sprints in for the final nail in our coffin. Had he thrown an incomplete pass or otherwise not made the first down and the rest of the game played out as it did, USC would have been looking at a 3 point win.

That's just two plays, but if those two plays go our way, we might have been looking at a different result. The fact that we realize how silly that hypothetical is shows just how big of a difference Williams was - of course he made those plays and of course he would have made more.