Agree 100%. And Pyne improved despite Rees's play calling
by Erasmus (2022-11-29 13:23:14)

In reply to: I think all will really appreciate Pyne's year more and more  posted by ACross

Pyne is an accurate passer with a good arm--not a cannon, but good. And he is smart and athletic. Plus, as you say, he has grit and is a leader. He is highly respected by his teammates.

Pyne has more tools and upside than Stetson Bennett, GA's walk on QB.

Pyne will learn to go through progression and will drop ball off when under pressure.

The only limit to Pyne's upside is Rees. When Pyne started Cal game poorly and video showed Rees going viral, yelling at Pyne, that was last straw for me. Pyne is smart, quiet and hard working. Yelling at Pyne was the last thing Rees should have done.

I can't speak to Rees's potential for growth in future, but his play calling against Marshall, Stanford and Navy (in the second half) was the worst I have ever seen -- and I say that as a long-time watcher of college football who has no coaching experience.

Rees may understand how to develop a game plan, but he has no capacity to make adjustments during game and has no grasp of strategy, anticipating "mindset" and tendencies of defensive coordinators.

OC's go through a series of scripted plays at start of a game to strategize and prepare for calls later in the game. Rees has no grasp of tactical play calling. The "lollapalooza" tight end QB play with one full yard to go demonstrated that. Rees could have had "QB" flip ball back to Pyne and have him throw to Tyree coming out of backfield -- TD is my guess. My point re the tight end sneak: Rees learned play worked so he was going to keep calling it until it didn't.