"Improved?" from when to when?
by MrE (2022-11-29 13:28:45)
Edited on 2022-11-29 13:39:55

In reply to: Agree 100%. And Pyne improved despite Rees's play calling  posted by Erasmus

I think he played to his full potential, and as ACross stated, deserves our respect in terms of commitment and leadership, but I don't think we have to overstate the quality of his performances (or his athleticism or "tools").

He played well in 3 of his 11 games:

2/3 of those performances in his first 4 games.

Navy was a push. Played outstanding in 1st half, atrocious in 2nd half.

He played poorly in 7 games:
- Marshall
- Cal
- Stanford
- Syracuse
- Clemson
- BC

He was 3-7-1 in that regard, and 1-4-1 on the back half of the season.