We haven't had much in the way of freshmen production
by wearendhockey (2023-03-10 16:16:40)

In reply to: Better talent has to be part of the solution  posted by Boston Domer

the last couple of seasons. Our best freshman checked in at 20th on our list of scorers this year. Only Penn State came close to that with their leading freshman their 15th best. But they put 31 points on the scoresheet from their 5 freshmen. Notre Dame skated 3 and over 52 games they managed 5 points. Five. I think there were injury issues with one, but no matter how you slice it, that's awful. Maybe Notre Dame should petition the NCAA to go back to banning freshmen from playing.

Minnesota's top 2 scorers were rookies. 4 of Michigan's top 6 were too. Ohio State was paced in scoring by a freshman and had another checked in to their top-5. MSU was led in scoring for a good part of the year by a couple of freshmen, and they finished 2nd and 3rd. Even Wisconsin got production from first year players, with a freshman leading their scoring, posting 11 more points than anyone in an Irish sweater and 4 of their top 9 point producers first year players.

Last year wasn't much better, with our leading freshman our 15th best scorer and a total of 27 points out of 4 freshmen skaters. 2 years ago Landon Slaggert was 3rd in scoring (he played on the only line that could score that year with his brother and Alex Steeves). But his offensive output stagnated as a sophomore and all but disappeared this year, with only a 4G/1A streak at the end of the regular season getting him out of single digits. He wrapped up what should be his penultimate season at Notre Dame by getting shutout completely in the playoff.