This is not plausible.
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2013-01-11 16:42:04)

In reply to: Yes, I can explain easily  posted by Winter Celtic

On your facebook page there is a public photograph of you wearing two game tickets around your neck. Not security passes, game tickets. And security people for the game get passes, not game tickets. So we're to believe that your buddy who just happened to run the game's security company (does he also know your girlfriend from Canada?) just happened to get $3000 or $4000 worth of game tickets for free, and then gave them to you for free? Precisely while others were giving you $4000 of dog surgery for free?

And yes, you did seek to get money from people on these boards before. There are plenty of people who were on the boards then and who are still here, who recall your posts about your dire straits and how badly you needed money. They were memorable because they were explicit in that regard. Don't run these cheap cons on Domers. We might be easy marks the first or second time, but we remember things.