This is what I posted on USCHO. Am I the only one?
by JJFP (2014-12-01 09:13:45)

For only the 3rd time since I have been a Notre Dame hockey season ticket holder (somewhere north of 30 seasons), I am foregoing the Notre Dame hockey game tonight. The first time was when I was too sick to go. The 2nd time I was at a wedding. And this time? I don't want to go. And this has ZERO to do with the fact that the team can't score a PPG to save their lives. Or that they can't protect a 2-0 lead going into the 3rd. Or that we are refusing to return the favor to LSSU or UAH or Niagara by playing in their barns. Or that we are playing LSSU or UAH or Niagara (no offense meant whatsoever) instead of or in addition to DU or Penn State or Miami or Michigan.

Rather, I am tired of leaving that shiny new arena with a sickening headache from the ear-splitting volume of the constant noise blaring from the sound system. I'm tired of the jumbotron imploring the hyperactive kids to "get louder" and parents encouraging said kids to go ahead and scream. I'm tired of being told to look at all the signs from the Meijer sign station so those with no artistic ability whatsoever can get their 15 minutes. I'm tired of the fan of the game being awarded to the loudest, most obnoxious person in the building. I'm tired of everything at that place that takes the attention away from the only reason there IS that place. A game of hockey between two college teams. That is ALL I am interested in. I shouldn't need to wear earplugs at a sporting event (unless I am in the infield at Talladega). I shouldn't have to hear other people's kids screaming. I shouldn't be directed to the jumbotron at every stoppage to salute this or cheer that. I. Don't. Care. About anything else but hockey.

Hockey. That's all I want. And Notre Dame is doing their best to drive a very-long-time season ticket holder to stay home on Friday and Saturday nights and watch some other school's team instead. I miss Mark Van Guilder. I miss Christian Hanson. I miss the dump the team used to play in. Where the main attraction was Mark and Christian and the game. Because in the end, that's all I want. To watch hockey. Am I the only one?

I'm guessing you don't go to many NHL games....
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welcome to our world. That's not a defense/justification - it's just the reality of attending sports events these days. B.C. has the same crap at their games. Frankly, if the frigging team could be coached to win an occasional frigging FO, they can bring on all the sound they want.

I haven't been to an NHL game in a few years but no stadium
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in college hockey I have ever been in approaches the CFIA when it comes to an assault on the senses. Munn, Yost, Taffy Abel, whatever they call the place in Oxford that Miami plays in. Nothing like at Notre Dame. The two Frozen Fours in NHL arenas were nothing like this. Even Lawson Ice Arena is nothing like this, and that used to be the loudest building I had ever seen a hockey game in, college or pro.

Put it this way, I am an aging head banger. Listened to heavy metal music all of my life and will still find my way to a show if it's near and cheap. I mentioned to the bro-in-law yesterday that when the two of us took in an Anthrax-Death Angel show a couple of years back it wasn't as loud as the CFIA gets when they blast the music or encourage the kids to shriek, or play that ridiculously tedious opening montage before the 12 minutes of player introductions. I can assure anyone I am not exaggerating.