History Channel - Against the Odds
by irishguard78 (2017-05-03 14:53:43)

Anybody watched this?

I was channel surfing and they had a segment on about "The Death Ridges of Peleliu" today. My father-in-law was a marine fighter pilot and fought in that battle, flying an F4U Corsair. He never talked much about the war, but that was one battle that clearly hit him hard. He'd say little, but when he did talk about Peleliu, his eyes was look away and he'd sort of ramble about how terrible the "Japs" were and how awful that place was.

As I watched the History Channel program today, the men who they interviewed (precious few, since most are no longer alive) had that same look when they spoke. Their words, their facial expression and the inflection in their voice all reminded me of how my father-in-law referred to Bloody Peleliu.

Given what I'd heard years ago from my father-in-law, this episode was pretty much what he'd described. Anybody watch many of these?