So does Genie+ give you access to a fast lane?
by DakotaDomer (2021-11-29 13:24:59)

In reply to: Backroom Guide to WDW Version 2.0: Keeping Genie in a bottle  posted by vermin05

Or does it give you access to get a reservation time by securing one in the morning? If it’s just a reservation time - how many reservations can you get in the morning? (We aren’t staying on-site)

I’m probably bringing a 4 year old and 6 year old to magic kingdom in February. The 4 year old is afraid of rides but the 6 year old wants to go on adult roller coasters.

I’m getting Genie+ and LightNing Lane to their fullest extent - but what’s the strategy to maximize it?

Also trying to get breakfast at Cinderella Castle and dinner somewhere else sit down.