I think Niele is counting on big things from KK.
by NDMike2001 (2022-05-21 11:41:33)

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It's hard to argue with results when the three players that she brought into Notre Dame were Maya, Olivia and Soni.

That being said, while I'm sure she suspected some attrition, I highly doubt she anticipated 4. In the article linked below she talks of 12. We're short of that even counting two walk-ons.

“My philosophy is to have about 12 on the team,” Ivey said. "... After the season, it’s going to be an assessment for our coaching staff. As you saw last year, there was a lot of (transfer) movement, so definitely open to whatever comes our way or whatever’s best for this program. For me, it’s about fit. If I bring someone in here, it’s because they’re the right fit.”