Muffet's Radio Show
by McLean_ND (2018-02-12 22:16:30)

Was very complimentary of the players – especially Marina – said Koko is having a great year, brings a lot of energy, taking charges, shooting 70% in last eight games – said Kat had maybe the best game of her career against FSU and she’s in the gym a lot working on her shot

Complimented the injured players – said MJ is “killing the rehab” and is doing really well, Lili recently had surgery, which was successful, and she is starting rehab, Bri may get out of the brace soon and perhaps begin to practice, MV brings a lot of energy to the bench – she was there at the broadcast and said she will be coming back stronger next year, said she’s taking a lot of classes this semester and will be taking classes in the summer

Complimented the refs also – said the games have been evenly officiated at both ends

Muffet said second semester seniors usually only need to take 2 or 3 classes to graduate (and under NCAA rules that qualifies as full time)

JY said she loves being able to guard the best player on the other team

One of the team managers, who is in her fourth year with the team, said the atmosphere at the Tenn. game this year was the best she has seen

Concerning the upcoming road games, Muffet said UVA has everybody back from last year’s team, which we struggled to beat in the ACC tournament, they have only 3 losses this season and are fighting for a double bye. She said for some reason the team never plays well at BC.

If I heard this correctly, Bri will be in the broadcast booth for the BC game, doing color I think

Muffet called Beth Cunningham, who was at the broadcast, the “best shooter in ND history”

The team has gone 5 straight games without allowing the opposing team to shoot double digit FTs

She’s been pleased with the strong start in games

Disappointed that MV won’t have a chance to compete for ACC freshman of the year this year

The chemistry on the team is very good

Duke is a very hard place to play. Big home court advantage for them. Bleachers are right behind the bench, loud band is near by …

The team watched film on Monday, was off on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Muffet said she flew to San Fran but was only there for about 6 hours.

It sounded like the trainer is the person that wants (requires?) JY to keep wearing the mask – seemed like she would take it off if she could (although JY, who was one of the players at the broadcast, didn’t specifically say that)