IMHO, Can't Go Wrong With Either
by dillon77 (2018-09-25 15:05:14)
Edited on 2018-09-25 18:36:52

In reply to: Paige vs Caitlin  posted by oviedoirish

As for taking one, the other or both: i think there might be a few variables at play here:
- Do the Irish get a wing in 2019 (that would be Jones)?
- Do the freshman guards play up to expectations and where does MM see them fitting in best post-Marina and Arike?
- Does Alli Campbell keep growing?

If all top-line opportunities come to pass (hello, Ms. Jones; all the guards pan out great), you probably only need one point guard to join Alli in the Class of 2020. (The other reason is that you can bet a pot o' gold MM/Niele are going full throttle with Azzi Fudd in 2021.)

But if there's some variance and, hence, wiggle room, tough choices to make:
- you might want to get another wing (Parrish, Westbeld);

- But Geesh, Bueckers and Clark are two of the best players in the country, period. And the Irish do play a three-guard offense. It would be great having one of them. Trotting them both out...whew!?!

Stay tuned. First factor: who fills out the class of 2019.

Be interested in other's take on this....