In case anyone was wondering if Jenna Brown was the answer
by NDoggie78 (2019-01-11 12:05:48)
Edited on 2019-01-11 12:07:29

In reply to: ND needs a Point Guard  posted by TerryND83

First let me say that it's really not fair to judge freshmen especially this early in the season. So this isn't to disparage Jordan Nixon or Ms. Brown.

But for the record, these are Jenna Brown's current stats for Stanford:
She has played in all 13 games
Averaging 10.2 mpg
Averaging 2.0 ppg
Averaging 1.6 rpg
Shooting 30% (1-8 on 3 pointers)
Assists 19
Turnovers 10

So as a freshman, she would not have been the point guard solution this year if she had gone to ND

And it's not fair to expect Jordan Nixon to be the answer either
Better shooting, but turnovers are her bugaboo at this early stage and also had injury to deal with
She has played in 11 games
Averaging 19.1 mpg (a little misleading - played more against lesser teams)
Averaging 3.3 ppg
Averaging 2.0 rpg
Shooting 44% (5-11 on 3 pointers)
Assists 22
Turnovers 30