It’s not a popular opion, but I’ve said multiple times that
by Btd (2019-02-08 00:58:18)
Edited on 2019-02-08 01:00:32

In reply to: They thoroughly outplayed ND's big's tonight.  posted by ndbutch

I think we aren’t as strong this year with turner as we were last year without her. Her and Shep play the same position and neither of them are playing Kat’s Role offensively. We are in effect playing with 4 offensively when both are in. The bigger Jess may also have been better for us.

It is compounded by our desire to play the lob offense we played prior years under turner. We don’t have a great half court offense right now.

Our coach has to find a different offense that doesn’t rely on a big Where Kat used to be. I / we falsely thought Jess would move there this year and that isn’t happening. Running teams off the floor will Not get it done every game.

Nelson was also better for us in a zone IMO.

I don’t view it as hopeless. There is time to reshuffle the deck. I don’t know if it is a back breaker to be a two seed. Sans sorting out the missing link offensively it doesn’t matter what our seed is.