The lob works best if the defense is a step or 2 behind
by TerryND83 (2019-02-08 09:48:44)

In reply to: I think it's the offense, not the personnel.  posted by SorinBasement

In all their losses, the NDWBB stood around too much, dribbled too much and did not pass the ball around the perimeter enough to make the opponent's defense move. They need to make the defense work not help the defense guard them. When they play teams that can't match their speed or athleticism, they can win but when they play teams like UCONN, North Carolina and Miami that can match their speed and athleticism, they play sloppily and with no emotion other than frustration.

It's a good thing NDWBB won the championship last year. Based on what I have seen this year, NDWBB will be lucky to get to the Elite 8.