Wise, well said, and it may be appropriateā€¦or not.
by BabaGhanouj (2019-02-08 21:38:17)
Edited on 2019-02-09 07:42:02

In reply to: This is the kind of team that drives a coach crazy.  posted by Kayo

When times are tough, and the team is up against it, we all have an explanation. It's the lob. It's lack of focus. It's not hustling. It's lack of team chemistry. It's Shepard not heavy enough. It's time for Jackie to step up. It's the half court offense not dealing with the current personnel (currently my favorite). It's lack of leadership.

I like it, until I think of Marina Mabrey. She's not a point guard, but was made one because of her leadership. She takes command on and off the court. You can see her instructing players, and you know Marina's not backing down for anyone. She may be the most vocal leader the team has had since Skylar. "This team does not have a leader" may be true, but I think we should keep looking for more explanations.

As for CJC's questions, Kayo's thoughts would be instructional, but Muffet looks for leadership when she is recruiting. She has said that leadership takes toughness and intensity, at least in women's basketball, and intensity, she believes, is not something that can be taught.