Sounds good and reasonable, but it's not true.
by BabaGhanouj (2019-02-09 13:27:05)
Edited on 2019-02-09 13:42:53

In reply to: Geno has basketball philosophy that he gets players  posted by TerryND83

If "NDWBB is dribble first, pass if you have to" and Geno's philosophy is "an energetic, pass first, dribble if you have to" then Uconn would greatly top ND in assists per game. ND would be driving, UConn passing.

Notre Dame, in fact, tops Uconn (slightly) in assists per game 19.6 to 19.4.
Both offenses are pass first.

If there is a difference, in my humble opinion, you are correct in saying Geno forces the team to play his way, while Muffet modifies her approach depending on the players, but it's always teamwork, high energy, and "pass first".

(By the way, I completely agree with your post on Jess.)