Gosh Duck, I Think We View Some Things Differently
by dillon77 (2019-02-10 15:15:21)
Edited on 2019-02-10 18:48:57

In reply to: She is good on D and hustle plays, but the offense takes a  posted by Domerduck

...better than no sub at all? Really, that's as much as you can parcel out for a 23-minute stint when maybe all the subs in Miami played 23 minutes total?

Everyone knows that when Prohaska was recruited, she was expected to hustle her brains out, hit the floor, play tough defense. And in her first appearance on the floor today, she tied up Seminoles on two successive plays, resulting in alternating "jump ball" possessions.

Muffet was on record as saying she was looking for someone to change the energy level. Well, those kinds of plays help do that, particularly for a team that need to be more aggressive on the defensive end.

Plus, she also directed her energy into the rebounding front, where one of her baskets was a put back.

Lastly, what's so wrong with the other jumpers coming on pull-ups? One of them came when she helped cause a turnover, then hustled up court to receive the pass and bury the jumper.

By the "flow," do you mean the half-court offense? If so, she didn't score in that manner, but she delivered two well-placed entry passes into the posts that led to baskets. Those passes were certainly not "suspect," but distinct and with purpose and most certainly "into the flow" of the offense there.

Yes, she had an ugly turnover, but a number of Irish threw a few zingers.
(Jess threw an underhanded skip pass into a throng of Seminoles.)

Is Abby a finished offensive player? Say in the way that the injured Katlyn Gilbert appeared to be? Or perhaps Taylor Chavez shows at times for the Ducks that you see often? No. But can others bring what she does defensively and increasingly in the rebounding/mix it up area? You rarely see subs and/or frosh that deliver whole packages...otherwise, they'd be starters, no?

So, I submit Abby can add a lot to a team that has five extremely capable scorers with everything that has been described.

Now, let's see if we can get something at the post/forward level. I agree with your post below that I think MM needs to let a Vaughn (if not too injured) and/or Dani get a chance to play through if possible. And, if they're adding to the overall effort.