I agree she put in 23 good minutes today and we needed it.
by Domerduck (2019-02-10 16:38:03)
Edited on 2019-02-10 16:42:41

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You are right that I am affected by watching every Oregon game as well and comparing her to Chavez who often is the first off the bench replacing Boley and the team sometime improves, especially if Erin not hitting her shots. She seems to me to be as good as Cazorla already. She can assist, make threes, rebound, steal, and score in other ways. She can effectively replace 4 of their starters in the way she plays (all but Ruthie).

My problem is when she replaces Marina, Jackie, or Arike there is a major drop off in offense. I do agree the team is just as good on D with Abby. I also think it is essential ND has someone to replace Bri and Shep routinely. The Ducks have both Gildon and Giomi who do dirty work down low and it works well. So ND may have the best starting 5 but needs the subs to be better to beat those top teams.