Bench Board Bingo - Boston
by BabaGhanouj (2019-02-11 23:35:16)
Edited on 2019-02-12 07:24:16

Remember the game is on Wednesday, not Thursday. Bingo for Boston is a bit bizarre. I threw in some nonsense as usual but also some math—but it’s simple, simple math! No scowling or throwing up your hands in disgust. Come on, the women have to work their butts off for your enjoyment, both on and off the court and in the classroom. The least you could do is refresh a couple of math terms. I had to look them up (on the internet). You can too.

Here’s the card for the Boston College game:

A3 Seems self explanatory, but if I am muddy, as I often am, just ask. The answer will be rounded to the first decimal point. (5 and above is rounded up)
B2 It's FREE, but I would really be impressed if you knew something about the context.
B3 If an odd number of ND players score, there will be a median. If an even number of players score, name a player who scores closest to the median.
C1 OK, this could be tricky. Think about it. The question reads “for all ND players who play”. The answer could also be “none”. Either a name or “none”
C3 …or the last one you recall or is appropriate for a public site. You could also give the title of the last book you wrote.