Yes, soccer is a dangerous sport.
by NDMike2001 (2019-01-04 00:08:18)

In reply to: You misunderstood.  posted by tex29

Lovren's was a proper challenge that missed the ball. He's looking at the ball. He's alongside Aguero. He lunges towards the ball with one foot, studs pointing directly to the ground. He misses. Catches Aguero. Yes violently. Thus a yellow card.

Kompany lunges directly towards Salah. Studs up. Both are violent actions. One is proper form. The other is not.

By the book, Lovren's tackle is a fair one if he wins the ball. It's not even a foul. He misses, he gets yellow. By the same book Kompany earns red because it was never a proper tackle...whether he won the ball or not. That's where I disagree with the rule. I think it's a yellow if the contact is avoided.