It seems Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City
by Raoul (2023-01-22 14:05:26)

are the big favorites among Americans for a soccer team - and the EPL much preferred over the Euro leagues? I assume EPL is due to it being English language? And our affinity for Britain as a country? Maybe also TV access? I was surprised surveys didn't show much love for the big Spanish teams that get press for being so valuable, but I realize that is another league and maybe they never play EPL teams.

Why the interest in the three teams over all the other teams? Were those just the best teams when they started showing EPL on TV? Maybe they were on a lot?

Are there any formal ties between cities in the US and EPL? If I eventually follow EPL (no idea if I will become interested) I guess I will have to select a team. I am a Detroit Lions fan - who would be the natural equivalent in the EPL (I assume that means someone who never has won in 60+ years - and maybe from a town that peaked in the 1950's). Is there a team with any Detroit ties?

Thanks n advance for any insight. I know World Cup comes to the US in 2026 so maybe many of us need to catch up on this soccer stuff. That said, I see the Midwest got shut out on venues so maybe it won't be such a big deal in the Midwest vs the coasts and Mexico.