Hope you are right about ND, but I know Paul Ratcliffe of
by Domerduck (2023-01-30 20:25:51)

In reply to: Michelle Cooper of Duke Won Herrmann Trophy, Went Pro  posted by dillon77

Stanford handled Catarina and Sophia leaving early with class and dignity as I know that 3 time NC coach personally and he does everything that way from his days back at St.Mary's where my daughter went. Still the 3 year falloff for Stanford has been significant though maybe this year was affected more by the GK suicide and less on the recruiting/talent front. Hope Nate can do better with Korbin leaving.

You may be right that leaving early is a more lucrative choice for some of these players. Clearly she as a mid her impact on a team (like Lindsey Horan) can be tremendous and she is still developing. Probably the pro teams can take her development farther and faster than ND, but certainly an opportunity lost for our team. Even one more year would have been nice.