Irish Accept Fiesta Bowl Bid

After just missing the four-team college football playoff, fifth-ranked Notre Dame will play in the Fiesta Bowl on January 1 in Glendale, Arizona against the ninth-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys. The game becomes the head coaching debut for Marcus Freeman, who was named to lead the Irish on December 3. The last victory for Notre Dame in a traditional major bowl game was at the Cotton Bowl on January 1, 1994 against Texas A&M.

The Cowboys fell inches short of winning the Big-12 championship on the last play of the game. In falling to Baylor by 21-16, Oklahoma State’s own playoff aspirations were dashed. The lone regular season loss by the Irish to fourth-ranked Cincinnati proved to be an unsurmountable obstacle in reaching the final four. The Bearcats finished 13-0 while Alabama, Georgia and Michigan claimed the other three spots.

13 thoughts on “Irish Accept Fiesta Bowl Bid

  1. I really think playing in the Fiestat Bowl against Okla. Stte is best for the Irsh this year. It will get our new coach to et ready for this game without the amount of pressure they would be in, if in the playoff. I would rather see them win this game, than be destroyed by Georga. They need to get this bowl experience under their belt.

    It’s irony for me, since Okla. State was coached by my uncle-in-law, Floyd Gass in the early 1970’s. I made a healthy contribution to their first stadium expansion and had seats right on the 45 yard line behind the visitor’s bench. It was great fun to heckle the Sooners Seomon Brothers by calling them Huey, Louie, and Dewey Duck.Got to watch Barry Sanders run all over Nebraska, even though it was in a loss. Floyd got me tickets to the 1973 Sugar Bowl to cee the Irsh throttle Alabama.. It was great fun and thtickets only cost $70 for two seats. Bum Phillips was his defensive coorinator, so I got to jaw with Bum, who became the head coach of Houston later on.

    My energy is at new heights to look forward to see the Irsh compete with a new coach that I think will be a great change for the University.
    Rabid Fan

    • Irish in the South says:

      Those are great memories. I think we will start with a bunch of new memories with a win over OSU and many more in years to come under Coach Freeman.

    • Doubtful the Irsh, as you call us, would get destroyed by Georgia. The Irish are stronger than perceived, the Bulldogs while hardly weak aren’t a huge threat all around. Notre Dame-Georgia would be an interesting and tough game. But I agree in not being sorry about Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. Luck of the Irish to Coach Freeman!

  2. Lots of Michigan fans at Mass today in downtown Indianapolis. God must love them, too, as I can’t see any other explanation. Also reminded me I need to be a better person, as I’m not there yet. Go Irish!

  3. Irish in the South says:

    Gundy has won a lot of bowl games during his years at OSU. BK failed miserably in that category. Marcus has the opportunity to get that monkey off his back in his first game as HC. I don’t think any new HC for ND has had more support going into his job.

  4. What a wild ride of emotions based on the championship games. The day couldn’t have started better despite Baylor trying to give the game away with head scratching coaching decisions and turnovers. I was always worried Kirby would choke to Bama and true to form they were exposed as paper champs. Cincy was rock solid since their little lull in the middle of the year and proved they belonged. I won’t talk about Iowa’s embarrassing showing assisting the other team in making the playoffs.

    So here we are starring at the Fiesta Bowl against a top 10 team. I like the fact we’ve never played Ok St which is intriguing. I don’t love the fact this is by far the best defense we could’ve faced and will present big challenges for Coan and the offensive line as a whole. We need to end the big bowl drought and begin to change the narrative around this program. Let’s go Irish!

  5. I’ve watched a bit of Oklahoma State towards the end of the season. I was not that impressed. I think the Irish can handle them.

    Georgia looked really 2nd rate against Alabama. Hate to say it but will be pulling for Michigan in that game. I think Cincinnati has a real chance against Alabama if the bright lights don’t get them.

    I see that Freeman said he was ready to go with Kelly when he called. Wish I was spider on the wall for those couple days. Doesn’t sound like he would have stayed without HC job. Despite all the rah rah, sorry to say it is still a business.

  6. Last time the Irish won a ‘traditional major bowl game’ was 28 years back. During his tenure Kelly proved over and over that he is NOT a big game coach.

    Coach – it’s your time.

  7. I’m one of the handful of ND graduates and fans in Oklahoma. Born and raised here. My comment is I hope and pray the team doesn’t take the Cowboys lightly. OSU is a very dangerous team this year and fully capable of beating our boys if they have the wrong mindset and fail to prepare. The focus needs to be on getting prepared to defeat a very good opponent and not on it being Freeman’s first game etc. All those distractions need to be put aside until after the game. The Cowboys are itching to beat ND on a big stage. Their cocky little ____ of a coach has dreamed of it his whole Okie life. We take him lightly at our peril.

  8. Monty B – Your 12/8.

    1) This is a New Year’s Day game against a team that came within maybe 12″ of the playoffs, and is a big time team.
    2) It being Coach Freeman’s debut, I don’t think there is any danger of their not being primed and ready to go.
    3) I think that (former) coach Kelly will be watching, and the team will definitely want to send him a clear message.

    I don’t think there is any danger of the Irish taking them lightly.