Irish, Book Survive Miscues

There were spooky things happening on Saturday in wintry South Bend. Notre Dame had committed three turnovers in the red zone and squandered another scoring opportunity midway through the fourth period with a costly penalty, and it looked as though the Irish were going down to a second consecutive defeat. The defense got the ball back one last time for the struggling offense with 3:22 remaining, however, and Ian Book capped a last ditch 87-yard drive with a seven-yard scoring run to pull out a 21-20 win over Virginia Tech.

First half turnovers kept the hosts from taking control of the game early. Book threw an interception at the Virginia Tech nine yard line on the team’s second possession, ending a long march. The Irish finally got on the board on their next series when Book hit a wide open Cole Kmet on a short pass for a 7-0 lead. The Hokies, who were obviously motivated from the outset, answered when third string quarterback Quincy Patterson hit Damon Hazelton for a touchdown later in the first quarter.

The Irish came right back in the second stanza when Book threw a short scoring pass to Tommy Tremble. The touchdown play was preceded by a well-executed screen pass (finally!) to Jafar Armstrong that covered 26 yards.

Both offenses struggled for a while until Virginia Tech put the ball on the ground near midfield. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah recovered for Notre Dame at the Tech 42 yard line, but could not scoop the ball up cleanly with nothing but turf in front of him. Leading 14-7, the Irish still had plenty of time to take a more commanding advantage before halftime.

With fewer than 30 seconds remaining and the ball at the Hokie two yard line, Armstrong was hit hard for no gain. The ball popped into the air, and Virginia Tech safety Divine Deablo snagged it on his way to a 98-yard sprint for the tying score with nine seconds left on the clock.

The second half brought more misery for the Irish. The Hokies took the kickoff and tacked on a field goal to take the lead at 17-14. Moments later, Deablo made a leaping interception of an underthrown pass by Book at the Tech two yard line. Notre Dame’s offense has fallen flat several times after intermission this season, and today was no different.

On the final play of the third period, Tre Turner made a circus catch of a Patterson pass for a 52-yard gain to set up another Brian Johnson field goal. The Hokies now led by 20-14 with 13:25 remaining in the game. To make matters worse, Lawrence Keys caught the ensuing kickoff at the Irish one yard line and stepped into the end zone to down the ball. By rule, the ball was placed at the one and Notre Dame was forced to start from there.

As boos began to emerge from the crowd, two critical if not fortunate major penalties gave life to an Irish comeback drive. Mercifully, a roughing the passer call nullified a third interception by Book. Given a reprieve, the senior quarterback mixed in passes to Chase Claypool and Braden Lenzy to bring Notre Dame inside the Tech ten. After a defensive holding call moved the ball to the four, Armstrong was flagged for an illegal block below the waist, and the drive stalled. Jonathan Doerer came on to attempt a 35-yard field goal, but it was wide right with seven minutes left.

Virginia Tech took over and managed a couple of time-consuming first downs against the tiring Notre Dame defense, but a high-effort sack by Khalid Kareem forced a punt. Once again, Book was forced to start from deep in his own territory with just 3:22 on the clock. The team needed a touchdown and was 87 yards away from its objective.

The final drive almost ended in its infancy, but Book found Armstrong with a short fourth down pass to keep things moving forward. He added a few runs with tosses to Claypool and Avery Davis to move across midfield, before three straight incompletions stalled things at the Tech 33.

Claypool was a clutch performer for the Irish

Facing a fourth and ten, Book threw perhaps his best pass of the season, hitting Claypool in stride on a deep slant at the Hokie seven-yard line. Two plays later, with 29 seconds on the clock and no Irish timeouts remaining, Book called his own number and navigated around right end for the winning score. In the final seconds, Kyle Hamilton picked off a desperate Patterson heave to end it.

The dramatic victory overshadowed another uneven performance by the Irish, who were sluggish on offense, half asleep on special teams and good but not especially dominant on defense. The win also proved to be costly as right tackle Robert Hainsey went down in the first quarter with a fractured ankle. Linebacker Jack Lamb went down later on a special teams play. I have not heard a report yet on his condition.

Let’s review the answers to our pregame questions:

Can Notre Dame dominate the line of scrimmage? No. The Irish running game was non-existent. Book accounted for 50 of the team’s 106 yards rushing, and he was asked to throw 53 passes against a decided underdog. The defensive line was slightly better, but were fortunate that Patterson’s passing accuracy was poor.

Will the Irish defense continue to arm-tackle or will they play more crisply? Tackling and effort were improved. The group bent in the second half but refused to break.

Which team’s running game will help relieve pressure on its quarterback? Neither. Both quarterbacks carried the rushing load but did not get much help. Tony Jones sat out the game for Notre Dame due to nagging injuries.

Can the Irish limit successful scrambles by Hooker? Patterson had to fill in as Hooker was unable to start, but the Irish did a good job in limiting his excursions out of the pocket. He finished with 77 yards on 19 carries with just one escape for 20 yards.

Will Kelly give Jurkovec any meaningful snaps? No, he only snapped at him once – for falling asleep during the third quarter. Most of the fans did as well, however, until they woke up and began to chant for Urban Meyer.

Will Bud Foster be able to devise a plan that confounds the Irish offense? Of course. It has become child’s play to make Chip Long look like an amateur. Foster might have completed the task if he had not lost both starting cornerbacks in the second half.

Can Smith and Armstrong contribute more substantially to the rushing attack? I’m going to have to stop calling it a rushing “attack”. It’s more like a sorority pillow fight.

Which team will commit crucial turnovers? Notre Dame’s three giveaways and a drive-killing penalty in the red zone turned a comfortable win against a mediocre team into a cardiac event.

A trip south to play Duke is on tap for next week. Normally, this would not cause Irish fans to break into a sweat, but the Devils beat Virginia Tech by 45-10 this season and are well-coached. The Irish suddenly appear to be vulnerable, and the loss of the right side of the offensive line is never a good thing.

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  1. Your comment about Chip Long is spot on. Proud of the gritty effort by this team despite having absolutely no offensive coaching. Pathetic running game. Two abysmal games in a row with no one to blame but the lack of coaching. Kelly needs to go.

    • I am a Memphis graduate. Kelly is not allowing Chip Long full control of offense. He is too arrogant to let loose of the throttle.
      Finebaum is correct. Kelly is a good coach not a championship caliber coach. ND is a championship caliber program and deserves better. Mediocrity is wearing thin.

    • I agree with chip Long comment as well, my question is this, why are the Irish using Armstrong on a goal line run, especially because he runs upright, when you have a stout quick fireplug in Jamir Smith ! Makes no sense, it’s frustrating watching the over throws and missed wide open receivers. This could be such a good offense without the poor play calling. I respect Book for his toughness and honestly his passion, if he could only be 6ft 5 !!

  2. Book has definitely regressed over the past 3 games but he has a lot of heart that is for sure. Especially when he has an inept OC like Chip Long calling plays! Chip has to go he just is to predictable and has no answer for good defensive teams. The defense struggled in the 2nd half but when your offense is not letting you get some rest it is hard to keep pace. Our O-line is getting thin but they still struggle with just basic downhill blocking.

  3. This team looks like Kelly year 1 and 2 again. Offense is mediocre at best. Defense is good. However,
    we are in a different universe from the elite of college football for now.

  4. Very happy ND got the win and how Book took them down the field on the game’s final series……sure, we all wanted ND to win big, but like they say…..a “win” is a “win”….. I feel this win will do a lot for Book’s confidence….also, if you look at the stats, this game was not as close as the score indicated…..ND out gain the Hokies by 207 yards and if it wasn’t for those turnovers in the red zone, ND would have won by a larger margin…..but hey, I still delighted they won the game…..ND showed a lot of character by coming back with their backs against the wall……GOOOOO IRISH BEAT Blue Devils!!!!!!!!

  5. Anyone want to have sympathy for VT on a very contravercial call of roughing the passer, when Book thru the interception on what would have been his last play of the day? Very Questionable call. Being a rabid ND fan, I’ll take it, but this was a very sloppy game against a rather weak opponent. Watch out for Boston College. Hot passer and great offense in the usual good Catholics against the bad Catholics shootout.
    Iowa State has a good young coach that should not be overlooked, if ND makes a change, which is not likely. Offense have no continuity. Offensive coordinator has got to go. Book is getting worse with each passing game. Why not mix in his option runs during the game? It might slow down the rush that he just can’t handle.

    • Coloradoirish says:

      The roughing was legit. To say VT got hosed is a farce. Nothing came of that drive anyway. Claypool was groped on numerous plays all day. Want a hose call? How about Claypool getting tackled the second play of the game, or the Armstrong “chop” block that was 15 ft away from the play AFTER the ball was thrown. Nervous about Duke now, our secondary continues to be inconsistent. Gritty win though.

  6. Vannie,
    Nice summary.
    Metaphorically a running game that is a “sorority pillow fight” sounds quite sexy.
    Alas nothing is sexy about our ground game. Our opponents have seen that tape
    and it is rated G.
    Our defense won that game.
    Go Irish!

  7. Don’t know what game Barrett was watching, but it wasn’t nd vt. They are a mediocre team on offense, defense, and special teams, but they have the talent to show much better. It’s coaching.

  8. Did anyone view Kelly’s post-game presser? One would have thought he had just beaten Ohio State in a squeaker. He looked like a little kid with an impish face who had just gotten away with stealing some cookies. The last two weeks have revealed who this team is…some tough and dedicated, three-star kids with mediocre coaching. It is what it is.

    • The look on Kelly’s face in the 2nd half summed up the entire game performance. His expression was clueless and in a fog.

  9. The Irish can thank Bud Foster as the defensive scheme did not account for the quarterback on NDs final TD of the game. Football is a game of inches, and the Irish won by inches over an unranked and unheralded Virginia Tech. The team has regressed over the season. Sad but true. Unlikely that Kelly will be fired, but at least Kelly can fire Chip Long if he wants the team to progress next season.

    • Stephen: I don’ t think the team had regressed until the Michigan game. This year has echoes of 2017. The team was marching along at a pretty good pace until they looked like they were going to crush Wake Forest, then in the last quarter, Wake Forest almost caught them. The Irish “Lost their mojo ” after that game and only won two out of their four last games. They had been undefeated up until then. I fear this last month may turn out to be the same if they don’t get their same fight and intensity and speed back. I can easily see them loose to Navy, Boston College, and Stanford.

      • Uh, which 2017 were you watching? They lost to UGa the second game of the season, so not sure how they could have possibly been “undefeated to that point”. They ended the season at 9-3 and won the Citrus Bowl to cap off a 10-3 season.

  10. No improvements from last week, pathetic performance, especially since we were at home. Thank goodness we don’t play any ranked teams for rest of season, although we could easily choke to Stanford and Kelly will blame it on travel and injuries piling up (as if other teams don’t have these problems) Kelly must go and I hope we don’t get embarrassed in whatever bowl picks us.

    • Navy is ranked number 25 now and has only one loss and a great running game. They always play ND tough. BC won big this weekend too and Stanford will play their best game against ND.

  11. A win is a win but after being embarrassed by Michigan is this the best the Irish could do. Not only has book regressed but it seems Kelly has as well. This was like his early years: poor offensive play calling, horrific special teams ( a Kelly trademark ) and a soft defense that did just enough to get by Virtually no pressure on the QB until the last drive of the game. Kelly will never make ND ta championship caliber team. Tommy Rees as QB coach–well it shows.

  12. I guess a one point win is better than a loss but this team has problems mostly on the offensive side of the ball and like Vannie said it doesn’t take more than a few wrinkles by the opposing defensive coordinator to stymie Chip Long for most of the game. The running game continues to look awful and its starting to look like line coach J. Quinn (and Kelly’s GVS and Cincy buddy) could be one of the weak links.

    I still see teams with lower ranked O-line recruits getting a push on the defensive line. I don’t see them winning out if the run game remains porous.

    Since I have no confidence in Swarbrick to do what needs to be done it looks like we’ll keep getting ugly wins against unranked opponents while getting run out of the stadium against top 10 teams. I guess as long as ND finishes 9-3 or 10-2 and a berth in the toilet bowl or also ran bowl then that’s fine with the administration.

  13. William Murphy says:

    You have to wonder how Kelly had so much success in his career. He is sooooo predictable. Those lateral runs are a gift to the opposing defense. Love Ian Book, but he has not progressed much at all from 2018. Still, we are not in this position because of him. They used to say about Bear Bryant “he can take his’n and beat your’n, then take your’n and beat his’n”. Any good coach could do the same against Kelly.

      • William Murphy says:

        It was ‘the Bear”.
        “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
        What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson, Joltin’ Joe has died and gone away.”
        No, don’t think a national championship is possible with BK, and even if we do get back to the CFP,
        we’ll get embarrassed again. Story is, the Florida State alums, et al, put up a ton of dollars to move Willie Taggart along. They took matters into their own hands for what the powers-to-be could not bring themselves to do. Is this the solution for the Irish?

    • William Murphy says:

      All this being said, I do long for the days of a Parseghian or a Holtz ‘type’ leading the Irish out of the tunnel.
      The hope was that BK could eventually get us there. And after the Davie/Willingham/Weiss experiments,
      the frustrations ran deep and the expectations were high. And so was the patience. The Alabama loss was
      mind numbing and ‘spiritually’ debilitating. And Michigan? The thought of us propping up Harbaugh,
      even for a brief ‘shining’ moment, is also as ugly to contemplate. Will my grandson ever see and experience
      the ‘magic and lore’ that so many of us have through the decades? My grandfather, a mailman in NYC,
      told me the stories, but I saw this for myself. Has it ended? Some things do end, and forever.

  14. We simply just cannot let Urban get away this time. He knows exactly what it takes and demands coaching here. So do we. No one can convince me Kelly is better. Please Father John, Jack, this opportunity will not come again. It’s time.

  15. Sure, it’s a great drive at the end and Book showed some moxie after another bad game. But. geez, it should NOT have come down to the that. You’re a 17-point favorite at the home. I think the prevailing emotion ND fans are feeling is not joy or happiness, but relief. The play-calling is brutal — screen pass for two yards on third-and-goal from the 19 — and too many undisciplined mistakes.

  16. Whatever his shortcomings, Ian Book seems to be an unstoppable force when his back is to the wall. This isn’t the first time he’s converted fourth downs on the last drive of a game. He might not be any kind of deep threat and bails out of the pocket way too fast, but I wouldn’t want anyone else under center if we need another last-gasp game-winning drive.

    • Easy, now. Book was in the same situation at Georgia (down six with a few minutes left). The winning drive didn’t materialize. Not everyone can be Joe Montana.

      ND came back yesterday against a mediocre team with both starting cornerbacks out of the game.

      • and don’t forget that ND was without their starting RB and two offensive lineman throughout the game……

        • Joe, our starting running back is Jafar Armstrong. He played the whole game. Tony Jones is his backup.

          Also, Virginia Tech was forced to play its third string quarterback the entire game. Their offensive line is made up of two freshmen and three sophomores.

          So you can save the lame excuses for the poor Irish.

          • John, Jafar was only listed as our starter because Tony was hurt and you know as well as do that at this point in the season that Tony is the better RB right now……as for the VT QB”s it was said that all of their QB’s are of equal talent and any one of them could have started……so both teams were missing starters and you are simply making excuses as to why ND won the game…..why can’t you just enjoy the win and stop being so negative about ND……also, remember that nobody is right or wrong and these are my opinions…..but I get the sense that since this is your column, that you feel you are always right and you can’t except when someone disagrees with your points….

          • Joe, You’re a feisty guy, but the next time you say something that’s factually correct will be the first. I also don’t need to make excuses as to why my alma mater wins a football game. I doubt you are more invested in the success of the program than I am. Conversely, I’m not going to take your approach and make a bunch of lame excuses as to why they played like crap and were out-coached yet again. Plenty of people can disagree with me, and that’s fine. What I’ve noticed is that most of them are looking at things through rose colored glasses. I’m sure yours are bifocals. The big difference between us is that I’m not willing to accept mediocrity so as not to rock the boat.

        • Actually John, I do wear bifocals because I am partially blind. Just kidding! I want ND to win a National Championship as much as anyone. I will always stick by ND thru thick and thin……also, anyone who graduates from ND, I have a lot of respect for that person because it is not an easy university to earn a degree……so congratulations on being a ND alum……and go IRISH BEAT Blue Devils………

      • Absolutely true, Vannie – we should never have been in this situation in the first place. The lackadasical perdormance on offense for fifty-seven minutes was shameful. As much as Book frustrates me, I do want to give him credit for his history of being cool and driven on these last-gasp drives; it seems to settle him and give him focus.

  17. Jack Canzonetta says:

    Credit VT’s Prevent defense in the last drive-3 man rush the whole way -didn’t send one corner off the edge the whole series. QB at times just stood there—waiting and waiting —

  18. Here is a weekly poll re-cap….. hmm.
    18. Cincinnati (17): As the teams are shuffled by voters, it’s possible that the Bearcats will get jumped by teams that didn’t play in Week 10 as a result of their narrow victory at ECU. Cincinnati needed a walk-off field goal to escape Greenville with a 46-43 win.
    We are Cinn and I’m “used to it ” !!!

  19. Caroline’s Dad says:


    Terrific analysis as always. I am genuinely happy for Ian Book to have that memory of going in for the TD on the final drive. When he’s an old man, that will still be a moment to treasure.

    My big picture thoughts this week are the same as last: everyone asking (begging, pleading, hoping, etc) for a new coach need to focus their energy on the coach’s boss. Unless and until there is a change of AD, we are assured of having the same HC for an 11th year.

    And if that’s true, we might as well copy and paste our comments from this year into drafts for next season’s post game analyses now—for efficiency sake—because we will continue to feel the same angst while we watch the same type of mediocre coaching we have since 2010: running sideways, no special teams and talented players that aren’t developing they way they could.

    Who can already envision what the post game presser will look/sound like when Kelly tries to explain a big “L” to Wisconsin? “Well they’re a terrific team. We just didn’t coach as well as we could have; they caught us by surprise by continuing to game plan like they have for the last 30 years—running the ball with authority, timely play action and defense. We just didn’t expect them to maximize the strengths of their personnel like that…I mean, who does that?”

      • Caroline’s Dad says:

        Thank you, Trey. The only exception to what I said might be: if Kelly himself were to leave for a “new opportunity” like a Florida State—which would make no sense to me or others, but would be a Kelly thing to do. Or maybe that’s just me letting my imagination run….

    • Let’s be clear that NOT everyone agrees that Brian Kelly should be replaced. I’m leaning more & more that way every game now, mostly because I think he doesn’t get us prepared for games like Miami and Michigan, but also because the team doesn’t seem to have any inspired leadership. HOWEVER, I think the arguments being made by Kelly supporters, that (a) he deserves a lot of credit for two undefeated regular seasons and playoff/BCS appearances and (b) that any replacement has at LEAST as good a chance of being another Bob Davie rather than a Lou Holtz, are completely reasonable, even if we no longer share their opinions. I think it’s a very necessary discussion to have, but we shouldn’t assume that every fan, or even the majority of fans, share this position. I also think that we need to have this discussion thoughtfully with all the respect that is due to fellow Irish fans and alumni, and Our Lady’s university; this is not the SEC.

      I do think just about everyone agrees that Chip Long has to go.

  20. Grew up not far from Notre Dame and will always love and support ND. But, it is getting hard to watch ND. Coaching is a problem there as stated in may responses, their offense play calling is sad and easily snuffed out by defenses. ND offense makes opposing defenses DBs look like all-Americans. Yes, our receivers get open sometimes, but it doesn’t seem very often like other college receivers do. Why is that? The talent and speed is there, but the coaching isn’t. And how many times does the same run play have to fail before the coaches try something else or give the QB – whomever it should be (although Kelly’s problem is he won’t give other QBs a chance until it is too late) – the ability to audible out. Example, Book was facing a 3-man rush during that last drive, and when VT stacked the box on one play and it was obvious there was a different defense happening and not the 3-man rush, and what does ND do, they run straight into the defense with no success. So can Book audible out of that? Or is he handcuffed by the coaches. Also, is Book able to throw more than a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 9? Coaching and play calling is a huge problem at ND and Kelly has shown he will not change or adjust his coaching. Time for a change.

  21. I predicted ND to win 24-22. I knew ND would be in a nail biter since watching them soil themselves against Michigan. Every game from now on this season will be a dog fight because this team has regressed to the Ghosts of 2010 and 2011 seasons. I have them losing to Stanford to end the season at 9-3, they could possibly lose to a tough Navy team if they can’t stop the run and play like they did against Michigan. Book has regressed as all of Kelly’s QB’s do. Book seems like a nice kid and I like him, but Kelly has not developed him like he should have. He is not a good developer of talent. Oh and I’m not a fan of Troy Pride jr at all. He never turns his head around for the ball and looks lost on every pass thrown his way. Is it our DB coach that isn’t telling them to turn their heads to look for the ball. Why do we always have a hard time getting good lockdown DB’s? I know we have Kyle Hamilton and he seems promising but everyone else seems to lack the skills to compete against top 25 teams and I don’t know why that is. I hope we start rowing the boat soon, or looking for someone else who can lead us to the top. Thank you Mr. Kelly for your services, we would like to explore other options now.

  22. Earlier this year I said ND was a legit top 10 team but not one of the elite. I stand corrected. ND is a decent top 20 team that would struggle against any other top 20 team ….win some and lose some. That simply is the fact of the matter. I think that the VT game showed that each of the last 4 games is easily a possible loss. I feel like I am in some kind of a time loop trap. Haven’t we been down this road so many times in the last couple decades? Maybe we are in football purgatory.

  23. First, let me say I am happy for the kids who won the game. Second, the big picture is simple. If beating mediocre teams (and watering down the schedule so we face a lot of mediocre teams and win a lot of games), is good enough, then we stand pat. If we aspire to be great, then its time to thank Kelly for his years and truly the restoration of respectability to the program, and to move on. Not to Urban, we’ve missed that train before. But its time to move on if being respectable is not good enough. Its time.

    Hard to understand the rationale behind continuing to rush Armstrong in short yardage. Running away from blockers towards white shirt every time…

  24. Weird game- I do think if they punch it in before the half they probably win comfortably. I also turned to my son after that play and said their such a fragile team this probably broke them and let’s be honest it just about did. Good gritty drive at the end though to salvage some respect. Let’s see if that ending gives a Book the confidence to finish strong and run the table (including bowl win).

  25. I was at the pep rally on Friday night at the Compton Family Ice Arena. Mike (the former leprechaun) does a great job and so do the cheerleaders, pom squad and band. What is disappointing to hear is Brian Kelly talk. No wonder hardly any students attend the pep rallys anymore. He mentioned that the team would be ready to play and told the fans that there would be a victory. No guest speaker, the football team looked lackluster, and then Kelly says to the crowd: “Here are some highlight videos.” Nothing. He says after a few uncomfortable minutes, “I guess there is no video!” The band starts playing the alma mater, and then the team leaves while the Notre Dame Victory March is playing. No passion, no sense of urgency. I thought to myself, if this is the way the pep rally is going, only Lord knows how the game is going to go, and I was right about my intuition. I had a chance to hear Lou Holtz speak in Michigan two weeks ago and WOW, and to go from that to BK is like Going to Disneyland to the local county fair. It is time for 3 people to move on. First, Fr. Jenkins. Unfortunately he just got voted in for another 5 years. I hate to say it but he is spineless. Second, Swarbrick. He is arrogant, and he and Fr. Jenkins are two peas in a pod. Third Brian Kelly. Thank you Brian for your services. It is time for a change now. I don’t know who that will be. Urban had a clause in his contract when he was at Utah to come to Notre Dame, but then he chose Florida. I hear U$C is trying to lure Urban out there. Too bad that the administration at ND will be satisfied with BK and we will have to put up with several more years of mediocrity.

  26. Good thing Patterson couldn’t hit has a** with both hands, or ND would have lost by 21, at least. He was the worst QB I’ve seen in a good while. Officiating was horrible. The O-line looks like they’re on roller-skates. I feel like the old man next door telling the neighborhood kids to keep their ball off the lawn, but man, I just don’t know what’s good to pick from that game other than they ultimately didn’t choke in the end.

    • They should have lost by 21? I drew the exact opposite conclusion. ND likely wins by 3 TD’s if you take away the goal line fumble right before half. Clearly, that changed the entire trajectory of the game. We’re dealing with grown bodied but emotionally fragile kids here. From that moment on, the only possible outcome was a nail bitter. I hated the sloppiness throughout, Book’s continued regression and the inability of this team to overcome adversity but winning on a last second TD is still something to be excited by and hopefully rally around to finish out the season.

  27. These teams don’t get to make their own mark like Ara’s did (maturity), Devine’s (excellence), and Lou’s (stone killers). Kelly’s overmanagement requires them to check with the sideline in lieu of their own heart, mind, and gut.