Kelly Leaving ND for LSU

A report by Yahoo and confirmed by ESPN indicates that Brian Kelly has reached an agreement with Louisiana State University to become their next head football coach. He replaces Ed Orgeron, who won a national championship in 2019. Kelly spent twelve years in South Bend and won 92 games against 40 losses. There is no word as yet who might be under consideration by Notre Dame to become Kelly’s successor. We’ll continue to follow this story and update when factual information is available.

17 thoughts on “Kelly Leaving ND for LSU

  1. queens_subway_alum says:

    Money grab or does Kelly think he can’t get over the hump in South Bend? If the former, shame on the school for not paying the man his worth as a coach in todays market. If the later, I hope Fickell proves him wrong.
    Go Irish.

  2. Thank God. Maybe I can start rooting for ND Football, again. He was NEVER an “ND man,” nor a great representative of our alma mater.

  3. “I was at that time in my career where I was looking for that new challenge, Dan.” Brian Kelly on Dan Patrick Show.
    The challenge of winning a national championship? The challenge was he couldn’t deliver for ND. Your right Vannie, he is what we thought he was.

  4. Let me start by saying to Kelly, “Don”t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!” Good riddance! No class whatsoever to leave like he did. I was never a Kelly fan and he obviously was not a Notre Dame man. He was all about the Money. He is arrogant, pompous and I hope Saban and the rest of the SEC give it to him good down there.

    Fr. Jenkins and Jack Swarbrick also need to go. They have both served way too long. Jack is also arrogant and pompous like Kelly. Swarbrick should follow BK down to L$U and Fr. Jenkins needs to retire and let a younger, devout, and HOLY priest take over.
    They should name a bathroom in the stadium for BK and call it the Kelly Crapper because he took a dump on everyone at ND by his actions. I have no respect for him . May the sun rise to give you a sunburn Mr. Kelly. May the wind mess your hair up. May the rain fall heavy on your house, and until we meet again, may God remind you He might not care who wins football games, but his mother does and her name is NOTRE DAME!!!


    • Irish in the South says:

      We must admit that Swarbrick essentially prevented a disaster to our program when he met with Freeman and convinced him to be HC. Kelly had offered him the DC job at LSU and he would have been the highest paid DC in the country. Swarbrick made him an offer that kept him at ND, kept our great recruiting classes together, preserved our good chances to win the Fiesta Bowl and stabilized the football program after 48 hours of sheer chaos. Swarbrick earned his high salary in that moment.

  5. The clowns on this site are unreal. Brian Kelly was the all-time winningest coach in Notre Dame football history. He has lost 2 games in the past two years. He developed a culture of excellence at ND which Freeman will inherit. He has recruited well with the academic limitations that few competitive schools possess and he is trashed on this page relentlessly by hypocrites who, given the same set of circumstances, would have likely done the same.

    Kelly had done everything he could possibly do at this University with the 3 and 4-star recruits that could qualify for admission. He decides to take an exciting and lucrative opportunity in the SEC with the hopes of putting a capstone on his career. What’s the problem? Everyone moves on at some point. Why not wish him well?

    I am a lifelong Irish die-hard. But let’s face the facts, fellas. ND will likely not win another NC given their constraints. They would be in the middle of the pack in the Big 10 or SEC, getting hammered regularly by the elites. My best to Coach Freeman, but please don’t throw him under the bus when we get blasted by Ohio State next year.

    • Apologists like you are part of the reason we are where we are. You need to be more discerning in your analysis.

        • Shows how little you know about me.

          If you think someone has to be “convinced” to become the head football coach at Notre Dame, well……..

    • * All time wins, but wait, many were forfeited. Sticks and stones…. BOZO the Clown is in L $ U now. Since you admire him so much, go to a website for L $ U and rah rah for BK there. What he did was a travesty and I agree with Mr. Coffee’s statement towards you!

      GO IRISH!

    • I also want to point out that the vast majority of those 115 wins which gives him that crown were against teams that were several deviations away from ND in terms of talent. In other words, those were games he should have won. How many victories did BK have against top tier teams? How many games did he win that mattered in terms of getting over the hump of being a 10th ranked team after the end of the season? I know you will point to a wounded Clemson last year, an LSU in the Pinstripe Bowl, and even a #5OU in Norman back in 2012. But what else do you have? You either have beatdowns by top flight teams (Clemson Bama) or you could point to examples of Kelly coming up short (UGA twice, FSU back in 2013, and Clemson in 2015). The bottom line is that Kelly is not a good enough coach to get the talent that he can put together over the hump. He gets talent. His recruiting classes have generally been ranked anywhere from 7 to 15, so he gets talent. But he can’t develop that talent to compete with the top tier. So like many others here, I am glad he is gone.

  6. He built a world class program at ND and then he snuck out the back door. NONE of the assistants he wanted to take with him left with him – that says more about him than anything. The dude is gone, and that’s it.

    With Freeman about to be announced as the new HC ND nation is up and primed and pumped and rooting for Iowa and Houston this weekend.

    Talk about a Christmas present!!