The Big Win Tournament — Same as it Ever Was

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As the old saying goes, if you come at the king, you best not miss.

The 1978 win over DePaul to reach the Final Four … missed. And badly.

My thanks to everyone who participated in our little COVID distraction here. Hopefully sometime in the next couple seasons we’ll get a win or two that will make this discussion necessary again.

In the meantime, we look forward to the three-game series with Kentucky and the Irish defending their title in Maui, while mourning the loss of Bob Whitmore, a pioneer for the Fighting Irish program.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.

One thought on “The Big Win Tournament — Same as it Ever Was

  1. Great job. That was a lot of fun. Recently someone mentioned on a previous reply section that 2 of Notre Dame’s 1978 NCAA tournament wins(Houston and DePaul) would be available on YOUTUBE. Any idea when this will happen?