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After extensive discussion among the Board Ops, we have decided this place and its overly-enthusiastic participants need a time-out. Ergo, the board will be locked through the end of November so that we can enjoy time with our families and not have to put out fires here.

There's a reason why politics usually isn't a great topic for polite conversation, and it's one of the many reasons we sequester the topic back here. But we've also always believed Notre Dame men and women need to be exemplars, which is why we've kept the place going in the hopes such a goal can be achieved.

To say there's been failure in achieving that goal is the understatement of the 21st century, followed closely on the list by how much of an embarrassment this place has become for us.

The tone of this board has become ridiculous. We fail to comprehend the continuing need of so many of you to bark the same things at each other as if you were accomplishing something of national importance. We certainly hope you would not speak the way you do to each other if this board were open to the public and you were using your real names rather than handles.

On Monday, December 5th, we will decide how (or if) this forum will continue. In the meantime, if you're able, engage in some personal reflection on how you've contributed to what this board has become and what you plan to do about it.

Regardless, for the duration of this hiatus, consider politics in general or references to this decision to be topics that will be targeted with bad-deletes.

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