How do you do number 1 in a way that limits abuse?
by manofdillon (2019-01-09 12:55:21)

In reply to: the changes could be so simple  posted by jt

What's to stop the bag men in today's game from partnering with a local auto dealership, and offering Bama's top recruits $1 million to put their face on a billboard advertising a local car dealership? Things like giving players a cut of sales of jerseys with their name/number on them seem easier to police. But unless I'm missing something obvious, this feels like a huge loophole that the allows the "haves" in the college football world to further separate themselves from the have nots to the detriment of the competitive balance in the sport.

And I should note I have no principled objection to preventing players from profiting off their image/likeness to the extent they're receiving FMV for legitimate purposes. I just worry about how that could possibly be enforced.