Timing Would Be Right at Oregon ...
by dillon77 (2018-09-25 13:35:01)

In reply to: Home visits  posted by Orangutan

...as you say: Ionescu graduates in Spring 2020 and a frosh guard like Clark takes over in Fall 2020. (Ionescu could make herself available to the draft early due to having her 22nd birthday in 2019, but let's assume she stays until her senior year for this post.)

Caitlin Clark does have some similarities in her game to Ionescu -- very much a field general who can make scoring the first priority if need be. PG with height.

On the other hand, could see those attributes working just as well at Notre Dame. Jordan Nixon will be a junior at that time, so wouldn't hurt to bring in a PG that year (or next) and Clark or Bueckers would certainly fit the bill to join Alli Campbell.

BTW, a quick glance at her twitter shows a young person who really enjoys her community, friends, high school and AAU team. While twitter is still a relatively new media, it offered kind of an "old school" picture (in a good way).