Remembering My Notre Dame Friend

The first time I ever saw Lou Somogyi’s name, I was in high school. My dad had received a Blue & Gold subscription for Christmas, and given my nascent interest in attending Notre Dame, I started paging through them as well (when Dad was done, naturally). Since his name seemed to be on a lot…

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Muffet McGraw Shares Message of Empowerment for Women

Special to NDNation NOTRE DAME, Ind.—Seated at a podium two years ago at the NCAA Women’s Final Four in Tampa, Fla., then-Notre Dame women’s basketball coach Muffet McGraw was posed a question about hiring practices in the sport and her role as a voice for women. McGraw, who a couple of days later would coach…

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The Big Win Tournament — Same as it Ever Was

As the old saying goes, if you come at the king, you best not miss. The 1978 win over DePaul to reach the Final Four … missed. And badly. My thanks to everyone who participated in our little COVID distraction here. Hopefully sometime in the next couple seasons we’ll get a win or two that…

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