Hesburgh Hospital

It doesn’t feel like a year since Fr. Ted left us, but this anniversary gives you an opportunity to make a dream of his a reality.

Social justice and care for those in need were always watchwords in Fr. Ted’s life.  In 1997, along with David Gaus, a 1984 ND graduate, he helped establish Andean Health & Development to serve the poorest of the poor in rural Ecuador.  The hospital they opened in Pedro Vicente Maldonado in 2000 was financially self-sustaining within seven years.  The hope is their current project, Hesburgh Hospital in Santo Domingo, can reach the same goal.

Fr. Ted really wanted to see the project expand and succeed.  To mark the one year anniversary of his death, AHD has started a campaign to put Hesburgh Hospital into full operation and financial self-sustainability.  We’re hoping our NDNation community — and, indeed, the ND family at large — can help AHD to reach their goal and solidify Fr. Ted’s legacy.

Details are available at the campaign’s website, and as always, every little bit helps.


One thought on “Hesburgh Hospital

  1. An unbelievable story! This is ND personified. If you don’t know about the genesis of this story and the road it took to reality, you should read more about it. Truly inspiring!