Hurricane Relief for Haiti

Most Irish fans associate Hurricane Matthew with the on-field devastation we saw vs. NC State.  But there was plenty of real devastation in Matthew’s wake, and nowhere was it felt more than in Haiti.

Notre Dame alumnus Vince DeGennaro, class of 2002, currently is providing relief work in that battered country.  In the midst of all the destruction, Vince and his team at Innovating Health International, are treating patients and trying to prevent the spread of cholera. He’s the director for the medical emergency helicopter program, which has been flying in supplies and other relief to the country’s southwest coast.

Vince was interviewed by CNN about the work his group is doing down there (which you can watch here). He’s set up a WonderWe campaign to help raise money for the cause. The link to the campaign is below, and we’re hoping our NDN troops can rally to the cause as they have so many times before.


Edit: Dr. DeGennaro did a write-up about the aftermath of the hurricane.  His account can be found here.


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