Notes from the Geetar: Khaki? I Hardly Knew Ye Edition

The sun shines brighter today, food tastes better, and I have a spring in my step. Wolverine tears really do make the world go ’round.

As Kayo said in this week’s RKC, an offense built on broken plays is not sustainable. Given Michigan’s defensive prowess and the absence of Dexter Williams, I’m more than willing to see what next week brings. But if we’re going to schedule a MAC snack, next week better bring something. I’d prefer it bring Brandon Wimbush not throwing off his back foot.

Who’s this Mike Elko guy I keep hearing about?

Safety play makes such a difference in a defense. I heard Alohi Gilman’s name plenty over the course of the evening, and every time I cursed whatever numbnuts at NCAA headquarters decided he hadn’t been misled enough to justify his playing last year. If Houston Griffith is half as good as advertised, it could be a very good year under the Dome.

Continuity does wonders as well. Clark Lea was smart not to try and re-invent the wheel and make this season about him. He kept the terminology the same, tweaked things here and there, and went with what he knew worked to put his players in a position to succeed. In the words of the prophet Ezekiel, I like this guy.

Notre Dame can benefit from targeting calls???  Who knew?

Two words: Jafar Armstrong. Holy shit, that kid can move. And the best part is the harder he pushes Tony Jones, the better both of them will be.

Who’s this Harry Hies … well, let’s hold on thar about that one for the time being.

MTA breaking his foot is a bummer. Jayson Ademilola better be ready to go. Fortuntately, we’ve got a week or two to ease him in.

Teacher says every time a vein pops out on Harbaugh’s head, an angel gets its wings. Definitely put me on the list of folks surprised he’s having so much difficulty. Given what he was able to do at Stanford and with the 49ers, I thought he’d be a natural going back home. Could it be the pressure is getting to him? That’s what the look on his face tells me. That or he’s eating too much cheese. Seriously, one or two more losses and that guy’s going to be the poster child for Dulcolax.

Apparently the late season travel schedule has been judged “difficult”.  [banging head on desk]

I’ve tried to keep my commentary about the new environment at ND Stadium to a minimum because I haven’t been there yet and would prefer to judge for myself rather than off hearsay. The hearsay in question has been mixed but leaning more positive than negative, so I’ll see which is which at the Pitt game. Anything that puts the Michigan band far from the field can’t be all bad, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Notes from the Geetar: Khaki? I Hardly Knew Ye Edition

  1. Allen C Sell,'62 says:

    First of all, I’m not a Brandon Wimbush fan , as QB, that is. I think that Ian Book should be the QB and BW should be our running back. What do I know??? Anyway, it was great to see all that green in the Stadium! Hope it continues. Also, those 2 guys who do the pre-game & post-game can’t be any worse!!! I’ll bet that I’m not the only one who feels this way. We could have easily lost this game; BW continues to throw into coverage and the play-calling continues to be primitive. Again, so much wasted talent. Thanks for letting me vet; GO IRISH

  2. Robert A. McReynolds says:

    There is a great “Football Life” from the NFL Channel about the 1992 Dallas Cowboys. There is one particular part of that episode which explains why I can’t stand Brian Kelly. Aikman is talking about a point in the NFC Championship game late in the game when San Fran just scored to make the game 24-20 Dallas. It is really late in the game and Norv Turner asks Jimmy Johnson how he wants to play the next possession. The question was “do you want to chew the clock?” Johnson, without hesitation, says “I want to score.” They threw a crossing route to Alvin Harper that went 75 yards and put Dallas on the 10. Shortly after that the game was 31-20.
    I mentioned that because after Michigan scored to make the game 24-17 with over two minutes left in the game, what did BK do? Yup you got it: three and out, barely took any clock, and had it not been for terrible ball handling by Patterson, could have ended up facing Mich in overtime.
    The problem with ND–despite a great win last week–is not Wimbush at QB or filling two huge spots on the O-line. The problem is Brian Kelly. He does not know how to coach up that talent. He does not know how to instill in these great recruiting classes that killer instinct that you see in Alabama, Georgia, or Clemson. He does not know how to get his players to dominate weaker opponents (Wake Forest last year anyone?). The leadership of ND football is bereft with a losing mentality and it trickles down to the very talented players. Until they find a leader at the head coaching position who can get his players to dominate, they are always going to be “one step away.”

  3. Terry MCMANUS says:

    I’ve said this many times – Kelly is a good coach, but Notre Dame needs a GREAT coach, and Kelly is not that.
    How long has Wimbush been at ND, and he’s still working on fundamentals, such as setting yourself properly before throwing the ball?

    IMO Kelly was hired because it was believed (by many, including me) that he had proven himself at the level just below the big time and he was ready for the big time. After 8 seasons it has become apparent that we were wrong.

    At worst – 7-5, probably 9-3, at best 10-2. The playoffs? Not a chance. I hope I’m wrong and will gladly show up to take shots if I am.

    Burt Reynolds died yesterday at 82 – pray for The Bandit.

  4. This was my first game with the whole setup and the jumbotron. I was a jumbotron skeptic but not a hater when it was announced, and I am now 100% on board with it. It adds to the atmosphere in the stadium. Full stop. Anyone who says otherwise either hasn’t been or is being willfully difficult. It is nice to see replays, the video presentations they do are tasteful, and it does help amp up the crowd; the loudest point in the game was a direct result of a well-timed video board presentation.

    They’ve also finally figured out how to do the piped in music appropriately, too. It only took seven years, but alls well that ends well?

    As to the look of ND stadium with the additions, I would say it’s fair to say that is mixed. I guess it’s kind of cool that the place looks like a fortress, but on the other hand it’s a lot less approachable than it was beforehand. That’s a matter of taste, I suppose.