The Big Win Tournament — And Then There Were Two

Thirty-seven wins entered the dome back in April. Those wins represented the biggest Notre Dame men’s basketball program had achieved in the sport’s modern era. When I seeded the wins originally, I kinda figured two of them would stand above the rest. Your votes have confirmed my position, and today we will select between those…

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The Big Win Tournament — A Chalky Final Four

For those unfamiliar with the term, a tournament is said to be “chalk” when the favorites win. It goes back to horse racing, so I guess you can watch “The Sting” if you want to get a feel for it. Regardless, it’s an apt term for how this final week of the Big Win Tournament…

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The Big Win Tournament — The Final Week Begins

Back on April 13th, we kicked off the Tournament of Big ND Men’s Basketball wins. 37 of the most meaningful victories in ND men’s basketball history were seeded, and your votes determined which survived each week. Today, we kick off the final week of the tournament, and reveal Seeds #2 through #8. Those Super Seven,…

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