Abby P: If You Look at the Court and the Scorebook....
by dillon77 (2019-02-10 14:10:59)
Edited on 2019-02-10 14:12:46

...looks like Prohaska is the player that Coach MM feels comfortable giving minutes to with her first unit (at least for this game).

- 23 minutes
- 6 points (3 of 4 shooting)
- 5 rebounds
- 2 assists
- 2 steals

The way I felt that MM was ok with her was when Muffet took Abby out after a mistake or to make a point, she didn't bury her for the rest of the quarter. She often was the next sub in the guard rotation.

The injury to Mik is worrisome (concussion protocol?). If so, I hope Dani gets a chance to spell our posts.

Nice job, Abby...As Kara Lawson paraphrased Muffet: Coach wants to sub more but the frosh got to give her the performance to justify it. This was a solid showing. Not great. But solid....