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OWHF Game Prediction Contest - Rice

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Here are the rules:

  1. This contest is open to posters registered when the contest starts. If you aren't a registered poster by now, you'll have to wait until next season.
  2. Scoring will be determined by the number of points by which your prediction 'misses' the actual final score plus 10 points if you choose the wrong team to win.

    Example 1: Prediction is ND 35, SC 14 --> Actual is ND 28, SC 21
    Points: ND=(35-28)=7, SC=(21-14)=7, 7+7=14 Total Points
    Example 2: Prediction is ND 23, SC 34 --> Actual is ND 24, Southern Cal 23
    Points: ND=(24-23)=1, SC=(34-23)=11, Plus 10 point penalty. 1+11+10=22 Total points.

  3. Deadline for submission is Noon Eastern Time the day of the game. There will be no exceptions made. Once the file is cut, we move on to the next week. Keep in mind that, while we try to keep the contest open until Noon, Football Fridays are busy days for us, especially if we're on campus. If the situation warrants, we may have to cut earlier on Friday than Noon. So don't wait until the last minute, get your pick in.
  4. If you miss a week, your score will be 100 points for that week. In other words, you better not miss a week if you plan on winning.
  5. Miss 3 weeks and you are out.
  6. If you choose an opponent nickname, try to keep it tasteful.
  7. If you believe there's an error, please click here to send an email so we can discuss the situation.
  8. Leaderboard will be available after Week 5 when the herd has been thinned out, so to speak.

Predictions for Rice:

GC_IRISH04:  ND will win 42 to 6
LEFTCOASTIRISH:  ND will win 38 to 17
NOVARUDY:  Joe Montana will defeat Tommy Kramer 44 to 23
HOOSIERDOMER:  ND will win 31 to 17
01MOMANOR:  ND will win 41 to 21
IRPA:  ND will win 31 to 17
ND_NAVY:  ND will win 42 to 21
TWO:  ND will win 45 to 10
CHARLIEHOUGH:  ND will win 30 to 17
NICEVILLEFLIRISH:  Rock's Boys will defeat Flied Lice 37 to 13
BOOCHMAGOO:  ND will win 32 to 21
SULLIVAN79:  ND will defeat Rice State 34 to 16
BALLB4ALL:  ND will win 48 to 24
POBRIEN:  ND will win 24 to 13
BILLSHAKESPEARE:  ND will win 48 to 14
BEATPS0607:  Let's vacate some losses instead will defeat Gluten Free 45 to 21
DCORREAL:  ND will win 44 to 17
DESERTFOX1ND:  ND will win 33 to 16
JREEDND:  ND will win 48 to 27
THEOAK:  ND will win 38 to 20
EJTND:  ND will win 31 to 13
BAC69:  ND will win 45 to 14
JRDJR84:  Lightning Irish will defeat What goes under chow mein 48 to 23
MILHOUSE:  ND will defeat I'll Just Be Hungry a Half Hour Later 28 to 20
K-ROCK:  ND will win 41 to 16
THEFEDERALIST:  ND will win 34 to 21
IRISH628:  ND will win 45 to 17
1978IRISH:  ND will win 34 to 17
FLANIGAN:  Fighting Irish will defeat WHO WHO 28 to 17
CLUB23:  ND will win 38 to 10
LOSTINPA:  ND will win 31 to 10
PROF_FRINK:  Irish will defeat Raoul the Owl 32 to 18
ATLANTAND:  Poor Academic Judgement will defeat Poor Athletic Ability 38 to 13
SPIKE:  ND will win 38 to 19
INDYIRISH88:  ND will win 41 to 13
VITO56:  ND will win 35 to 10
SIFNY20:  ND will win 41 to 17
ND51SC0:  ND will win 30 to 20
VERITAS06:  ND will win 42 to 24
RYNO:  ND will win 34 to 17
PATRICKBATEMAN:  ND will win 31 to 10
ND71:  Pass & Scramble will defeat RIce-a-roni 38 to 17
GRANDFAN:  Monkey Business will defeat Donna Rice 31 to 24
DOMERSPI:  ND will win 28 to 21
ANOHIOIRISH:  ND will win 31 to 17
JCLARKE:  ND will win 31 to 10
HAWSER:  ND will win 38 to 20
NEDRYERSON:  Copycatters will defeat Hooters 34 to 17
IRISHRED:  We prefer potatoes will defeat Short grains 35 to 21
IRISHGUARD:  ND will win 35 to 17
GOLDENDEUCE:  ND will win 38 to 17
TIGERSTADIUM:  ND will win 31 to 21
RYND:  ND will win 52 to 21
ZAHMB:  ND will defeat Uncle Ben 35 to 9
ARASERA:  Irish paddies will harvest and will defeat Rice paddies 31 to 17
AZDOMER:  ND will win 38 to 13
UPTHEIRISH:  ND will win 38 to 17
NDTORONTO:  ND will win 38 to 10
LUNCHBUCKET:  IRISH will defeat Rice 35 to 17
DOMERJON:  ND will win 41 to 17
BACTIEN:  ND will win 35 to 10
MR_IRISH:  ND will win 34 to 13
SONIC41:  ND will win 35 to 28
TEXASDOMER:  ND will win 31 to 10
C-3PO:  Fighting Pseudo-Geeks will defeat Geeks 31 to 21
NDPHILS:  ND will win 34 to 17
NWOHIOIRISH:  ND will win 38 to 13
VOISMAN:  Thank God for the Fighting Irish! will defeat Fried Rice 42 to 20
NDUFFER:  ND will win 49 to 21
DAKOTADOMER:  Too Many Field Goals will defeat Too Little Anything 33 to 13
ROCKETSHARK:  Irish we could have a quiet off-season will defeat Owl be back 35 to 21
SPRACK:  ND will win 41 to 14
CMILLER2:  ND will win 35 to 10
NAVYJOE:  ND will win 42 to 14
ND65USN06CFP:  University of Notre Dame will defeat Rice University 31 to 10
ELKABONG:  ND will win 38 to 16

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