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OWHF Game Prediction Contest - Syracuse

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Here are the rules:

  1. This contest is open to posters registered when the contest starts. If you aren't a registered poster by now, you'll have to wait until next season.
  2. Scoring will be determined by the number of points by which your prediction 'misses' the actual final score plus 10 points if you choose the wrong team to win.

    Example 1: Prediction is ND 35, SC 14 --> Actual is ND 28, SC 21
    Points: ND=(35-28)=7, SC=(21-14)=7, 7+7=14 Total Points
    Example 2: Prediction is ND 23, SC 34 --> Actual is ND 24, Southern Cal 23
    Points: ND=(24-23)=1, SC=(34-23)=11, Plus 10 point penalty. 1+11+10=22 Total points.

  3. Deadline for submission is Noon Eastern Time the day of the game. There will be no exceptions made. Once the file is cut, we move on to the next week. So don't wait until the last minute, get your pick in.
  4. If you miss a week, your score will be 100 points for that week. In other words, you better not miss a week if you plan on winning.
  5. Miss 3 weeks and you are out.
  6. If you choose an opponent nickname, try to keep it tasteful.
  7. If you believe there's an error, please click here to send an email so we can discuss the situation.
  8. Leaderboard will be available after Week 5 when the herd has been thinned out, so to speak.

Predictions for Syracuse:

THEFLASH:  Something really stinks here will lose to everyone 41 to 35
THECONTRARIAN:  ND will win 38 to 34
DESERTFOX1ND:  ND will win 44 to 22
POBRIEN:  ND will win 42 to 21
RYNO:  ND will win 38 to 30
CLIFFCLAVEN:  ND will win 31 to 30
TANDERAGEE:  ND will win 41 to 17
NOVARUDY:  Brey will defeat Boeheim 38 to 24
FRESNOMIKE:  ND will lose 33 to 24
ENDTHECURSEIN05:  ND will win 37 to 24
KEENAN04:  ND will win 40 to 35
IRISHLAW2010:  ND will win 38 to 37
THETWERP:  ND will win 34 to 31
BIGVERMIN:  ND will win 38 to 24
JGREER'83:  ND will win 34 to 24
DOMER1:  ND will win 50 to 31
OTHER_GUY:  Excuse will defeat Cuse 49 to 35
ZAHM245:  ND will win 38 to 20
CHARLIEHOUGH:  ND will win 44 to 35
IRPA:  ND will lose 38 to 35
NWOHIOIRISH:  Daviehamweisly will lose to Next team up to ride Notre Disney 40 to 36
MR_IRISH:  Bullied Players will lose to The Orange 31 to 27
BAT:  ND will win 40 to 38
THND3:  Blame it on the players will lose to Does it matter who we play? 51 to 30
JON-E-Z:  More coaching problems than just Van Gorder will lose to The Cuse is in the house... 45 to 38
C.ODIE:  ND will lose 45 to 42
84LIIRISH:  ND will win 38 to 37
RYND:  ND will win 56 to 14
IRISHROCK:  ND will win 37 to 28
SHERMANOAKSND:  ND will win 45 to 28
ND71:  ND will win 38 to 35
ROCK4ND:  ND will win 33 to 31
IRISHBURG78:  ND will win 42 to 27
TUBES:  ND will win 35 to 28
NDRAP90:  Coaching has nothing to do with it will defeat Could be any 11 guys really 42 to 28
DF10IRISH:  ND will win 38 to 21

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