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OWHF Game Prediction Contest - Syracuse

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Leaderboard will be available after Week 4

Here are the rules:

  1. This contest is open to posters registered when the contest starts. If you aren't a registered poster by now, you'll have to wait until next season.
  2. Scoring will be determined by the number of points by which your prediction 'misses' the actual final score plus 10 points if you choose the wrong team to win.

    Example 1: Prediction is ND 35, SC 14 --> Actual is ND 28, SC 21
    Points: ND=(35-28)=7, SC=(21-14)=7, 7+7=14 Total Points
    Example 2: Prediction is ND 23, SC 34 --> Actual is ND 24, Southern Cal 23
    Points: ND=(24-23)=1, SC=(34-23)=11, Plus 10 point penalty. 1+11+10=22 Total points.

  3. Deadline for submission is Noon Eastern Time the day of the game. There will be no exceptions made. Once the file is cut, we move on to the next week. Keep in mind that, while we try to keep the contest open until Noon, Football Fridays are busy days for us, especially if we're on campus. If the situation warrants, we may have to cut earlier on Friday than Noon. So don't wait until the last minute, get your pick in.
  4. If you miss a week, your score will be 100 points for that week. In other words, you better not miss a week if you plan on winning.
  5. Miss 3 weeks and you are out.
  6. If you choose an opponent nickname, try to keep it tasteful.
  7. If you believe there's an error, please click here to send an email so we can discuss the situation.
  8. Leaderboard will be available after Week 5 when the herd has been thinned out, so to speak.

Predictions for Syracuse:

JON-E-Z:  ND will win 31 to 17
LEFTCOASTIRISH:  ND will win 31 to 21
ROCK4ND:  Domers will lose to Orange 28 to 23
HAILMARY08:  ND will win 40 to 13
JREEDND:  ND will win 31 to 13
ZAHMB:  Blue and Gold will defeat Burnt Orange 35 to 20
HOWARDROARK:  Un-PC Brawling Catholics will defeat PC-ified shade of sickly urine 41 to 10
INDYIRISH88:  ND will win 41 to 17
BILL_BRASKY:  ND will win 27 to 17
KNICKSANDIRISH:  ND will win 41 to 13
NEDRYERSON:  Irish will defeat Orange 36 to 21
SONIC41:  ND will win 27 to 20
JYMBO:  ND will win 35 to 21
MONKEYKNIFEFIGHT:  Charlie Weis will defeat Greg Robinson 35 to 10
FLASH_85:  a weak OL and depleted secondary will stunningly will defeat Domers of Onondaga County and home of Archimedes 39 to 21
JRDJR84:  Reworked O-line? will defeat Mayock said we're really average! 34 to 20
NOVARUDY:  Luck of the Irish will defeat Lucky to beat Villanova 38 to 16
ELKABONG:  ND will win 39 to 17
BAILEY:  ND will win 48 to 13
THND3:  ND will win 30 to 23
IRISHJAM:  ND will win 26 to 19
IRISHSOLDIER:  Irish will defeat Cuse 34 to 14
MONOGRAMMAR:  ND will win 34 to 17
ROCK8125:  ND will win 44 to 10
AARONND:  ND will win 34 to 21
MEATWHISTLE:  ND will win 35 to 14
JARIOUS:  ND will win 31 to 20
EJTND:  ND will win 35 to 10
CLUB23:  ND will win 31 to 20
MR.JACK:  ND will win 31 to 24
BEATPS0607:  Kelly Green will defeat Orange 27 to 17
NDPHILS:  ND will win 34 to 6
BIGVERMIN:  ND will win 34 to 24
ALANND90:  ND will win 27 to 14
ANOHIOIRISH:  ND will win 38 to 17
NDMAINIAC:  ND will win 47 to 17
BALLB4ALL:  ND will win 34 to 10
TEXASDOMER:  ND will win 38 to 17
MCB:  ND will win 32 to 17
GC_IRISH04:  ND will win 41 to 10
ND71:  ND will win 41 to 14
AMDG:  ND will win 28 to 12
PMAC98:  ND will win 27 to 20
ROCKBRIG97:  ND will win 31 to 17
TKOUI:  ND will win 47 to 17
CHARLIEHOUGH:  ND will win 30 to 13
XNDX:  ND will win 35 to 17
DCORREAL:  ND will win 31 to 17
DILLONBIGRED:  ND will win 34 to 20
HIPSTER:  ND will win 42 to 20
K-ROCK:  ND will win 45 to 10
SDCMM:  green men will defeat orange men 38 to 12

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